Adventurous Pizza Night

The Gang declared last night “Adventurous Pizza Night.”

Some nominations were not at all that bold, like green olives, jalepenos, and pineapple pizza or pesto with black olives. Other recommendations were fun, like lasagna or smores pizza. Still other nods truly got gutsy, as in the black bean with guacamole and super hot salsa ‘zah.

But no one could decide upon which two pies they would split for what was now turning into a party.

And so, the decision was left to Mayor Abril to make her first decision since wining the position. Privately, she wanted macaroni and cheese pizza with crushed black pepper.

After deep contemplation she returned with a decision that pleased everyone. “Let us get all the pizzas. After all, doesn’t pizza make for a great breakfast food as well?”

Once cheers erupted, Mayor Abril was happy she decided to run for office.

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