mystery bee and flower

Dear Reader or Facebook follower:

I haven’t a clue what type of bee or flower these are.  Anyone want to offer up their expertise?

I feel like it’s a worker bee (one of the three types of honey bees) collecting nectar from some type of purple astilbe flower.  But truly I doubt everything other than this is a near perfect picture of a bee at work.

Oh, one other thing I don’t doubt:  more of these bees were active in my garden in 2015 and before.  I don’t know if that’s because of what I was growing back then, or simply that the number of pollinators is falling dramatically due to strain we are placing (e.g lack of good, clean food) on these beautiful animals.

No lie.  I will work to increase the reasons pollinators will want to occupy my backyard in 2017.

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