“I can’t hear you, Earthlings!”

ET El Camino — its members long-time residents of St. Paul, Minnesota — are a Black Keys cover band.  Yes, each member is an alien from a different part of the Milky Way, but St. Paul has been their home for over 30 years.

The band often plays concerts for the gang of critters in Michael Dahl’s basement.

Pictured here, Dubs is hamming it up with the concert cliche, “I can’t hear you, Earthlings!”  The gang responds predictably with a whole lot a hootin’ and hollerin’.

“You know, we consider Earth a home away from home.  And I gotta say, I don’t know if there are better fans anywhere else in this galaxy.”

I roll my eyes.  The band formed just a few years ago and they’ve never played anywhere else.

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