the five-pizza, Slinky bet

A few days ago a new jungle gym was installed in The Study. In addition to the regular slides and swings and hanging bridges, the gym included a tightly-wound, climbable Slinky.

Almost no one knew the trick a of how to make it to the top: it was all about weight dispersal. So let’s just say that Jason wasn’t thinking when Miss C bet Jason five pizzas that she could make it to the top within a minute. (If she hadn’t eaten recently — which was the case when she made the bet — her body was the pinnacle of dispersed weight.)

No sooner had Jason started his stopwatch when Miss C had already shown she’d make it to the top in record time.

Once she made it back down, Miss C placed her order. “That’ll be one jalapeño pepper pizza, one Hawaiian pizza, two mashed potato pizzas, and one of those macaroni and cheese pizzas Abril introduced us to awhile back.”


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  1. Let me guess, Miss C is short for Miss Cobra?


    1. You know, that just may be it! Funny thing is that I’ve never asked her what C stood for. I just accepted it when she told me her name.


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