I’m not usually a salad person, but …

I’m not usually a salad person. But if the lettuce and greens come from my garden, it’s likely I am eating varieties not sold in grocery stores. So, yes, I do eat a lot of home- and garden-made salads every spring and fall.

This next season I’ll be growing the following heirloom lettuce varieties — all leaf lettuce varieties: Amish Deer Tongue, Cimmaron, Henderson’s Black Seeded Simpson, and Mascara. I’ll also be growing two other heirloom greens, Red Orach and Arugula. A variety of purslane and a couple varieties of spinach may also join the list.

(Something seems perfect about this picture, although I can’t find the words to express why I smile every time it shows up on my desktop screen, which every five seconds changes to show me another one of my favorite photos.)

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