A goat and I connect.

In 2015, Rebecca and I spent a little over a week in Maui where one of our visits was to The Surfing Goat goat farm and goat cheese making-facility.  We took part in a goat feeding and milking as well as had the opportunity to taste and buy goat cheese.  Cheeses were flavored with herbs and fruits grown on the farm.

Pictured here, you can see that a goat and I made a special connection just prior to the milking.

(My family used to have goats — I often milked them.  As I was still pretty young, I don’t remember how long we had them.  But I do know that I formed a liking of goats’ milk.  In the years since I’ve lost that liking.)

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  1. My neighbor has angora goats. I am blessed to be able to help her with them and get to know and love them.


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