Pollinators need good, clean food to return favor.

Healthy, diverse habitats that provide pollinators season-long food sources … I’ve got to learn more about that. Until I know what I am doing, I am going to at least plant lots of flowers and flowering vegetables that I am pretty certain attract pollinators at different times through spring, summer, and autumn.

On the flower front, in addition to sunflowers (which I’ll post about later), I’ll be planting Bachelor’s Buttons, Borage, Four O’Clocks, Morning Glories, and Zebrinas. A variety of volunteer amaranth plants will also pop up in my garden, no doubt.

Pictured here is a bumblebee I snapped a photo of on a cosmos in August of 2014. Beautiful creature, ay? Lot’s of hair to catch pollen and impressive wing span. I love this photo.

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