world keeps turning

I am trying to make sense of our country now that we are looking at Trump Presidency.  The state of social affairs feels way off kilter to me.  I’ll not dwell on this (too much) right now, but I cannot promise to my (Trump-supporting) friends that a post about depressive thoughts and Anxiety-filled days is not soon in the making — on my other blog, Prone to Hope.

I’m doing okay right now.  I’m in fair mental health. But as Mr. Trump’s soon-to-be-named cabinet and advisors surface, I imagine a lot of stress is headed my way.  (Social justice is “my bag,” and I see a lot of reversal of progress very possible.)

For this post, I’ll simply refer to the title of a Tom Waits’ song, “World Keeps Turning.”  And as it does, the same sun shines down on each us, and the natural world continues to provide beauty.

This photo was taken in 2015, but it just as easily could have been taken yesterday, as I have another crop of arugula growing in my backyard right now.

In the days ahead I will search for beauty our world extends to all of us.

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